Email me to schedule a time: pilatesandpinot@gmail.com



We can reserve a time in any studio I work with or meet at your home.



I truly believe in the benefits of private lessons and try to keep them as affordable as possible. Rates vary based on location, travel time, availability:



1 person, 1 hour | Starting at $65–$100 depending on distance and location



2, people, 1 hour | Starting at $100 ($50 ea)



2 + people, 1 hour | Starting at $100

Note: I recommend taking an individual private lesson prior to taking a private lesson with 2+ people



Private Lessons are beneficial for many reasons. If you are wondering if it is right for you here are my top 5 reasons to try a private lesson:


  1. Understanding. Having a better understanding of the practice, of what proper alignment feels and looks like will enable you to get so much more out of every group class you take after a private lesson! Understanding can take your practice to the next level.
  2. Personalization. Coming back from an injury? Picking up again after childbirth? Chronic pain? Tight muscles? We will find exercises that suit your needs safely and specifically.
  3. Effective. You have my full attention for at least 1 hour. Enough said.
  4. Accountability & Goals. Whether you schedule private lessons once a month or three times a week, it ensures you will put the time in. You will be challenged and have a plan to meet your goal.
  5. Dialogue. There is a lot to be learned when you can tell me what you are feeling and we can discuss the movements in YOUR body. If you are one of the many people in class that thinks “am I doing this right?” then this is for you!