Friday Favorites: Pilates Edition

It is an especially Happy Friday today since many of us will enjoy an extra day off on Monday. Don’t forget to take a minute to put out your flag, wear your red, white and blue, and remember those who sacrificed for our country. All the studios I teach with are closed but I will be posting a workout for you here! I have seen the Friday Favorites/Loving Lately/High Five for Friday theme on numerous blogs and love reading about new items, articles, foods, songs, and I love Fridays!Friday Favorites: Pilates Edition

Thus, I decided I would share some of my favorites, my pilates favorites (actually, you guys are my ‘Pilates favorites’ but I don’t want to share you đŸ˜‰ ). I will try to share my current favorites once a month. Please share yours with me in the comments!  

    1. Favorite Pilates/Yoga Mat: This one is a tie between a Pilates Mat and the Lululemon Le Mat ($12-70) Most people begin their pilates practice with a random mat they find in their garage/trunk/closet and use it until a. it falls apart, b. becomes filthy or c. you decide to upgrade because your tailbone is falling off (see Pilates Mat below). If you are one of those people, this information is for you! If you have already found your mat-match skip to #2. If you primarily practice Pilates, and especially if you have a sensitive tailbone, a thicker Pilates Mat will change your world and most importantly your pilates practice. This sounds like an exaggeration but the words ‘life changing’ have been used by multiple clients! I highly recommend swinging by your local TJMaxx, Target, Dicks and grabbing one. The price range is from $12-$70 but I would say one in the $30 range should do the trick. Be sure to check the length as some ‘ab mats’ are short (48″ = too short) you’ll need about 67″-72″ to be comfortable for Pilates (think, can you plank on it?). You’ll notice Pilates mats are about 3 times as thick as Yoga mats, this makes them hard to balance on so they aren’t ideal for yoga. Look for about 3/8″ thickness. Check out these options on Amazon: Pilates Mats If you don’t have a sensitive tailbone (or you do but you’re proud of your hard earned Pilates callus) or if you also practice yoga or other mat workouts I love the Lululemon Le Mat ($68). I’d recommend getting a darker color as the light ones tend to mark up easily. I have this mat and love it (my tailbone is made of steel:) ). Check it out here: Lululemon Le Mat Side note: if you Google LeMat, it comes up as a revolver, who knew? What?!?


    1. Favorite Pilates Prop: Hint: It is the one every single client LOVES to HATE! The Pilates Ring aka Magic Circle aka circle of death (okay, that last one is a nickname my client’s made up and a drinking game). ($12-$35) This onetorture device prop enables you to seriously enhance your workout – arms, legs, inner and outer thighs, hips, glutes, abs. Remember, it is a good pain. While all the studios I work with have Pilates Rings to use it always makes me especially proud when a client buys their own. You’ll need one that is around 14″. Don’t be fooled there are mini ones out there and they can be even more torturous! Check some options out here: Pilates Rings Side note: many come with a DVD that has some pretty jazzy circle exercises we haven’t done in class…think circle to forehead. If yours does not come with said dvd you can borrow mine.


    1. Favorite Pants: Black Workout Capri. ($25-$70) You can’t go wrong with black workout capris, unless they are see through. I wear black workout capris almost daily (I have one purple pair I rotate in) for Pilates, Yoga, Running, the store, the hairdresser…you get the point. An added bonus: when it is 6:25am and you are not quite awake, half hazardly sticking your hand in your workout drawer for a top and bottom…they’ll match everything. Check out these target ones that are especially cute: Target Black Capri with Ruffle and I think these similar to what I have: Target Reversible Capri Other contenders: Lululemon Wunder Under Crop, Athleta Chaturanga Capri or Chaturanga Knicker Side note: If you are wearing see through pants, do you want to be told? Seriously, as an instuctor I sometimes wonder, should I tell her? Does she already know? Answer in the comments, please! I for one do want to know, but in a subtle, pull me aside after class or even shoot me an email later kind of way. A simple but awkward “hey, wouldn’t recommend picking up a pen in those pants” kinda thing…  


    1. Favorite Top: Old Navy Activewear Top. Now this one isn’t something I own (yet) but I have seen it on about 5 different people this week alone and it is so cute in person and flattering on everyone I have seen wear it so far! I love the fun bright colors for summer and it is nice and lightweight. Check it out here (and maybe take a gander at their crops too):Old Navy Activewear Top 


  1. Favorite Pilates Exercise: Criss Cross This is the grand finale of the Series of Five and my Five Favorites, see what I did there? When you are adding Criss Cross into your routine do the first four too! Here is a review of it: “Series of 5”the order on that article is a little funny, for maximum abs on fireness I would recommend this order (it is what I teach in class): Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Single Straight Leg Stretch aka Scissors, Double Straight Leg Stretch aka Lower-Lift, Criss Cross. Here is a video: Criss Cross Have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend! –Michelle

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