Farm to Fork CSA

CSA: How it worksI recently tried out Farm to Fork, a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). It is very easy to sign up, just visit their site,┬ácheck out the pickup locations (one is Ember Yoga in Woodstock; I chose Muss & Turner’s in Smyrna), and put your order in between Saturday and Tuesday morning. Currently, they don’t have many pick up locations but if you had a group interested it seems they are open to adding more. They provide a list of menu items and you choose from that, plus a few backups (depending on the size of your order). Local items are marked and you can add extras like coffee and jam to your order. I ordered the “mini bag” for $23 (6 items, 3 back ups): kale, bibb lettuce, strawberries, zucchini, sweet potatoes and garlic cloves. I received 5/6 and 1 of my backups. All of their items are grown in the US, many of which are locally grown, and they are organic/pesticide free. My favorite item was the Hydroponic (grown in water, not soil) Bibb lettuce from: Circle A Farms. So pretty and so delicious! Initially, when I picked up my bag I thought it was a bit overpriced compared to my usual grocery shopping. That was before I tried anything. I could definitely tell all the items were very fresh; taking into account that it supports local farmers, it is really easy and convenient (if you are short on time, it would be easy to pick up on the way home from work) and everything was so delicious, I would probably do it again. Where do you all do your grocery shopping? Any CSAs out there I should know about?

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